Dorma Hüppe movable walls: Global provider of high-quality operable partition systems

With its movable wall systems for conference facilities, congress centres, banks, exhibitions etc. and 130 years of company tradition supporting it, Dorma Hüppe is able to offer customers throughout the world smart solutions for efficient room management. Dorma Hüppe not only plans, designs and installs movable partition wall systems, it also ensures their ongoing durability, function and performance with a range of high-value services.

  • Flexible partition systems <br> instilled with 130 years of tradition
  • Smart solutions - for efficient room <br>management
  • Sound advice right from the initial <br>planning phase

Insulation operable partitions

Variflex 100

Offering very high sound reduction ratings this sturdy partition system will ensure parallel events can take place without cross-interference.

Variflex Glass

Variflex Glass combines brilliant transparency and sound insulation with more light more room more quiet.

Variflex 85

With a wall thickness of just 85 mm it offers a low basic weight with obvious structural benefits and intrinsically easy handling.

Variflex ComfortDrive

With ComfortDrive the Variflex panels move to the required position quickly under smart control.

Variflex ComforTronic

Effective acoustic surfaces ensure excellent sound absorption and cut reverberation.

Variflex SA

Variflex Semi-Automatic once the partition has closed all the sealing strips are automatically extended in accordance with the specified contact pressure. This gurantees optimum sound insulation as well as enhancing the stability of the system.

Movable glass walls

Varitrans Compactline

The operable glass partition system with bespoke curved profiles offers numerous equipment options.

Varitrans Straightline

The operable glass partition system with bespoke straight profiles offers numerous equipment options.

Varitrans metalline

Movable wall system with flush-recessed single-point fixings of stainless steel – all the elegance of full-area glazing without the frame profiles.

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